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SoulMatcher Staffing
персонала ‌для дома на основе психологии

London • Paris • Monaco • Moscow • Dubai
Who we're picking up:
Governess teachers
Household helpers
Other domestic staff
Cost of services: 1 month salary, 6 months guarantee. We work on orders with a budget of 100,000 ₽ or more per month.
Advantages of recruiting with us:
We select on the basis of psychological compatibility
We exclude psychologically unbalanced people.
We match an empathic person
We employ professional psychologists
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Do you know what?
The people around a child under the age of 4
shape their psyche.
ЧFrequent contacts of a child aged from 8 months to 4 years with a "cold" person forms underdevelopment of the child's limbic system, which is difficult to recover (we can say simply - it is a "contagious virus" from the staff).
Domestic staf with low empathy are most prone to stealing, violating confidentiality and your personal boundaries.
The right domestic staff is the foundation of your child's mental health
Training and certification of current staff:
Hospitality Skills Development
Empathy testing
Psychological testing
Courses on effective organization of home space
Basics of etiquette
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