PSY-DNA Ancestry Test

Find out what's your PSY-DNA says about you, your family and your future children

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PSY Ancestry Test
See how your PSY-DNA breaks out across 1331 Psychological types by regions worldwide with the most comprehensive psy-ancestry breakdown on the market.
Discover relative’s PSY accentuations and start understanding them and their decisions better.
Learn how your PSY-DNA influences your future choices - partner selection attitude, your partners, your emotion EQ, your emotional stability and other traits.
Get our most advanced
and comprehensive psy-ancestry-health assessment
Get our most advanced and comprehensive PSY-DNA ancestry assessment that combines next-generation psy sequencing, accentuations analysis and direct access to clinical services. 
Next-generation PSY-DNA sequencing
Psychotherapies-ordered advanced PSY-DNA assessment that screens for 1331 clinically distinguishable psy traits.
PSY-DNA ancestry analysis
Advanced check for ancestor’s psy-markers. Understanding how your ancestors' decisions were driven by dominant levels of hormones like adrenaline, dopamine, oxytocin, and beyond.
Family relationship quality improvement recommendations
Get personalised guidance into your family psychology with comprehensible  advices on reasons family members persuading and best form communications to avoid conflicts and get to desired point.
Access to verified psychologists
Video calls, direct messaging and care
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Included with SoulMatcher DNA+ annual Membership subscription:
PSY-DNA advanced mapping
Friend analysis
Complicated analysis for families with multiple brothers and sisters
Divorce probability estimation
Dedicated 1 virtual consultation annually
Personalised psy reports with ongoing new reports and features delivered throughout the year
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Online consultation with detailed analysis

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