Community Guidelines

We expect everyone on SoulMatcher to treat each other respectfully, with kindness and compassion. We do not tolerate hateful, hurtful, or harassing content on SoulMatcher. We consider unwanted sexual content and messages to be sexual harassment.

Here's the thing. We want you to think about this one rule: treat online interactions as you would even if they were offline.

SoulMatcher is not a place where people want to hear about your sexual fantasies out of the blue, or where you can be mean to someone with no repercussions. Treat SoulMatcher as a place where you can talk to other humans about things that matter to you both, and remember that the best way to make a meaningful connection with someone is to treat them well.

Below are our community guidelines and moderation standards. If you see anyone who violates these guidelines, please report them to us [email protected] . If your profile content was removed and/or profile was banned you may also contact us [email protected] and we will consider your situation individually.


If you wouldn’t say it to someone you just met in person, you shouldn’t be saying it online. Messages should be respectful, appropriate, honest, and kind. We don't tolerate "negging" (insulting statements disguised as "flirting") or other rude behavior. People found to be sending harassing messages will be banned.

Additionally, profile content itself should also be respectful and kind. Profile essays which are found to be overly combative or hateful may be removed or may even result in your profile being banned.

Sexual Harassment/ Explicit Sexual Content

Exposing other people to your sexual fantasies without their consent is rude and inappropriate, and it's not what most people on SoulMatcher are looking for. If your profile is reported to us as sexually explicit or offensive, it will be banned. This includes kink/ fetish profiles, profiles describing which sex acts they are looking for, etc.

We also do not allow unwanted sexually explicit messages to other users you meet on SoulMatcher. This includes descriptions of sexual acts/ kinks/ fetishes, sexualized comments about people's photos, etc. Even if someone says they are open to hookups on their profile, it does NOT mean they want sexually explicit messages.

Finally, we do not allow sexually explicit photos or nudity.

We consider this to be sexual harassment and will ban any offenders that are reported to us.


There is no room for hate in a place where you’re looking for communication and interaction with other members.

Any content (including in profiles and messages) that promotes or condones racism, bigotry, violence, hate, dehumanization, or harm against individuals or groups based on things like race, ethnicity, disability, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, appearance, or occupation/association with a group is strictly forbidden and may result in you being permanently banned. This includes but is not limited to:

Violent or Graphic Content

We do not allow any content in photos, profiles, or messages that is threatening, incites violence, contains graphic or gratuitous violence or gore, or is disturbing or otherwise inappropriate for the space for friendly communication and integration which is SoulMatcher. This does also include depictions of self-harm which can in turn be harmful for others to see. This content will be removed and may also get you banned.

Profile names and profile text

We consider your profile's display name and your profile text to be similar to a first message or first impression to other members of SoulMatcher: we expect both to be respectful and appropriate. If your profile text or name could be seen as offensive, hateful, obscene, or clearly trolling, we will take moderation action, up to and including banning your profile.

Your listed name should be the name you like to go by. It can be your first name, your initials, or a nickname- all are fine. It does not have to be the full name on your birth certificate! We do not check listed names against any kind of ID, and we trust people to enter names they'd like to go by themselves. That said, we will still moderate based on names if they include offensive or obscene language, or make a profile appear to be fake (i.e. using a celebrity name instead of your own).

Unique and bona fide profile

You must create only one unique profile. In addition, your use of SoulMatcher must bona fide be for the purposes of communication and integration with other members (for example, you may not use SoulMatcher solely to compile a report of compatible singles in your area, to find people to join a club or group activity, or to write a school research paper).

Additionally, deleting and re-creating your account to get around other member's Passes or Blocks of you is not acceptable. If we see excessive and suspicious account deletion activity, we may ban your profile.

Fake Accounts

We do not tolerate any kind of fake accounts on SoulMatcher. Your profile must be really you, and must be for the purposes of communication and integration with other members.

Creating a fake account will get your main account as well as the fake account(s) banned.

Also, your profile details such as age, height, location, etc. must be accurate. We restrict searching and showing profiles based on mutual fit for details like age, location, gender, and evaluation of yourself for a reason: so that you can find a person who is looking for someone just like you. Changing these details to appear in searches that you would not otherwise is not allowed and will result in your profile being banned.

Joint accounts

We prohibit the use of more than one SoulMatcher account by one and the same member (“prohibition of multi-accounts”) and the use of multi-accounts can lead to an immediate ban of the member. Furthermore, it is strictly prohibited to sell or assign SoulMatcher account by the member to someone else.

You are solely responsible for all activities that occur under your SoulMatcher account. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your SoulMatcher account, you must notify us immediately to: [email protected].


Using SoulMatcher for commercial solicitation or exchange of money is prohibited. Do not share your own financial information (PayPal, Onlyfans, Venmo, Amazon wishlist, etc.) for the purpose of receiving money or goods from other members. Do not attempt to get other member's financial or other private information.

Do not send messages or create accounts for the purpose of driving members to a business or external site. This includes recruiting people for a hobby, political group, or charity if it's not for SoulMatcher purposes. Adding a link to an external site that redirects to a pay-site is not a clever way of skirting our solicitation rules, we will spot it.

Likewise, we also do not allow seeking, offering, or accepting money for sex, sugar baby relationships, or similar transactional activities and relationships.

Doing any of these will get you banned.

Contact information

We do not recommend anyone to post private information for public display, including their own private information, but especially other people's. Violations of other people's privacy will result in a ban.

It's always good to be cautious when exchanging contact info. A sign of a scammer, fake account, or someone up to no good is when they are in a hurry to give you their offsite contact info too quickly. This could be because they want to get you away from SoulMatcher so they can continue talking with you even after we ban them, or they are sharing someone else's contact info to get revenge on them.

Don’t give your phone number out too quickly. If a user is discovered to be a scammer or has other bad reports against them you may see the profile disappear quickly- they may have been banned. If a user vanishes and re-appears under another name, that is a very bad sign. We ban people for good reasons.

If something seems strange about the way someone is exchanging contact info, or if they are displaying a phone number or email address prominently on their profile or photos, please report.

Follow the law

It should go without saying, but discussion or promotion of anything illegal is not allowed and will result in getting you banned. This includes drug dealing, fraud, threats, or anything else that is against the law. We also remove content that attempts to trade, co-ordinate the trade of, donate, gift, or ask for non-medical drugs, as well as content that either admits to personal use or coordinates or promotes the use of drugs of any types.

Minors/ under 18

You must be 18 to use SoulMatcher. We do not allow minors to use SoulMatcher. If you suspect a profile of being made by someone who is under 18, please report them to us.

If you knowingly engage in conversation with someone who has revealed themselves to be under 18, we will also ban your profile.


When posting photos on SoulMatcher you must follow the following rules:


Please help us by reporting anything or anyone that does not follow our community guidelines.

You can report to [email protected]

A note on malicious reporting:

In some cases we will ban an account if we've found it to be creating malicious reports against other users. This includes users who report trans or nonbinary users for no reason other than their gender or orientation, and users who submit baseless or retaliatory reports against others who are not interested in them.

A final note:

While our Community Guidelines cover most instances of moderator action, it is not an exhaustive list, and we do retain the right to ban anyone from SoulMatcher if we believe you have violated the Community Guidelines, Terms of Use, misused our Services, or behaved in a way that SoulMatcher regards as inappropriate or unlawful, on or off our Services.